The David Politis Company | The David Politis Manifesto
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The David Politis Manifesto



Every marketing effort must help sell products/services, drive growth,

generate profits, and/or increase value — otherwise the effort has been wasted.




As a “Fractional” Marketing Executive, this belief is central to everything I do in marketing — ALL aspects of  marketing.


Hence, in a very real sense, these four short words constitute, in fact, my “professional” David Politis Manifesto:



Drive Action.


Boost Value.



And at the end of the day, “Yes, it really is that simple, that basic.”


Either you are helping your company (or your client) to get people or organizations to


  • Do something (or several somethings),

that serve to

  • Boost the value of your employer or client

or . . .


you are not. And if your efforts do not accomplish one or both steps noted above, then you’ve got problems.


In other words, you have failed.


Yes, such a philosophy is a harsh, bottom-line focused approach to Marketing, especially when the glaring light of day sometimes shines on one of the so-called “Softer” disciplines that comprise the Marketing Mix, such as media relations or graphic design. But the reality is this:


Marketing MUST BE bottom-line focused


or else it is just something fun to do. And if that’s all Marketing is — fun — (at least under your purview), chances are changes will soon be made within the Marketing Department.


So . . . whether my efforts are designed to


  • Educate prospective dealers,
  • Persuade City Council Members to vote a particular way on a particular issue,
  • Increase the perceived value of a private company,
  • Encourage the purchase of a new product, or
  • Accomplish some other clearly defined and actionable goal,


my highest objectives are ALWAYS the same:


Drive Action.


Boost Value.



In closing then, my question to you is this:


What is your professional manifesto, especially your Marketing Manifesto?


# # #


For over 30 years, David L. Politis has helped hundreds of companies to “Drive Action” and “Boost Value” through strategic marketing and communications endeavors. A published author and an accomplished professional speaker, David currently lives in Utah and works with a variety of organizations as a “Fractional” Marketing Executive.