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Find Journalists Fast Using Social Media

03 Jan Find Journalists Fast Using Social Media

By my estimate, over 99 percent of all Journalists can now be found, researched and pitched via Social Media. Don’t believe me? Do the math.

YouTube? According to the latest research, this video-sharing platform has over 1 billion users and more than 325 billion views PER DAY!

Facebook? It has over 1.8 billion users.

(Photo by Gilles Lambert via Unsplash.)

Instagram? More than 500 million users.

And LinkedIn? Just a measly 465 million users. LOLOL

{But that was before Microsoft acquired LI. Microsoft Office has over 1.2 billion users, while Internet Explorer is still used by over 450 million people. Guess what happens when MSFT figures out how to leverage over 1 billion customers into the LinkedIn family? Correct … craziness!}

Should I keep going?

My point is this … any journalist worth her or his salt at ANY media outlet worth its salt is gonna be a subscriber to (and a user of) Social Media platforms.

And if they’re not, then they’re not worth your time.

So … use Social Media to research which Journalists to target and to learn about them BEFORE you reach out to them.

That’s how you can leverage your time and efforts for accelerated Publicity Success in today’s hyperconnected world.

# # #

A marketing and communications expert, David L. Politis recently published his first book — 66 RULES for Publicity Success: Boost Your Company’s Value for Pennies on the Dollar, and today’s article is based upon thoughts shared in RULE #9 in that book. David currently helps clients address their crises, publicity and marketing challenges through The David Politis Company.

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