The David Politis Company | How “The Melea Show” Uses Giveaways to Grow Social Media Engagement
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How “The Melea Show” Uses Giveaways to Grow Social Media Engagement

13 Jul How “The Melea Show” Uses Giveaways to Grow Social Media Engagement

I recently found an article on Social Media Examiner (“3 Ways to Use Psychology in Your Social Media Marketing”) that explored the role of psychology in social media marketing.

What I found especially interesting in the article was the concept that giveaways could be used to grow engagement on social media platforms/services. The author (Shane Barker) suggests such predictable growth in user engagement can be tied to the Law of Reciprocity.

In essence, the Law of Reciprocity suggests that if someone gives you something you will feel compelled to give something back in return.

So the question is

Do Giveaways Work?

In my opinion, the simple answer is “Yes.”

Take for example this video from Melea Johnson of The Melea Show with her 2nd annual “Back to School Giveaway.”

If you watch the video (or read the description below it on YouTube), you’ll find that the way viewers are entered to participate in Melea’s giveaway is through engagement, starting with being a subscriber to her YouTube channel — The Melea Show. She then provides very specific instructions of how subscribers can participate on a separate landing page hosted on, a landing page that walks participants through the Giveaway rules, highlights how many days are left in the giveaway program, and shows how many Entries have already been applied to the Giveaway.

To the best of my recollection, before this Giveaway was launched on July 11th, The Melea Show had roughly 155,000 subscribers. As I write this article, the number of subscribers to the channel has already jumped to over 164,000, an increase of 9,000 new subscribers … in less than two days.

Additionally, this “Back to School” Giveaway has over 6,500 Likes, and the Giveaway Signup/Entry Page shows that participants have already produced over 255,000 total Entries. {NOTE: Giveaway participants can earn multiple “Entries” based upon their particular engagement with the Giveaway program, such as 10 individual Entries for being a subscriber to The Melea Show. In total, participants can earn Entries through 26 different forms of engagement.}

Now for the record, Melea is my daughter, so I have additional insights into a few of the strategies and tactics she uses on her YouTube channel I’m not at liberty to share here. And to be sure, this is just one example of Giveaways Melea uses to engage with her subscribers, grow her subscriber base, and support her sponsors. {NOTE: This current “Back to School” Giveaway is being “sponsored entirely by The Melea Show.}

However, you don’t have to have insider access to understand that clearly this Giveaway is already working quite nicely for Melea and The Melea Show.

And based upon my studies on the topic of Giveaways, I’ve already begun work on an eBook titled 500 Billion Channels that I plan to use as a Giveaway in the near future. {Look for additional info about this eBook in a future article.}

# # #

What do you think? Am I off-base or on point here? Please share your thoughts / comments below.

A marketing and communications expert, David L. Politis recently published his first book  —  66 RULES for Publicity Success: Boost Your Company’s Value for Pennies on the Dollar. David currently helps clients address their crises, publicity and marketing challenges through The David Politis Company.


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