The David Politis Company | SERVICES
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Branding. Messaging. Websites. Publicity. Advertising. Ad Infinitum.


My focus is crafting the ideal puzzle of marketing disciplines to help you drive success.


Unfortunately, some professionals mistakenly believe that the art of marketing is an end unto itself. Hence, they feel that


  • Beautiful advertising is a win because it is beautiful,
  • Buzz alone is sufficient, or that
  • Lots of Likes mean success.


But in reality, businesses exist to sell products/services, to grow, and to generate profits, and if any marketing program does not help businesses achieve these goals, such efforts are off-target.


And that’s the point . . . everything I do for clients is designed to produce results — to drive action and increase value.


Some of the services I have provided over the years include:


  • Budgeting/Strategy/Forecasting,
  • Competitive/SWOT Analysis,
  • Corporate Positioning,
  • Product/Service Positioning,
  • Product/Service Branding,
  • Product Naming/ Lexicon Development,
  • Product Documentation & Packaging Development,
  • Marketing Planning & Execution,
  • Copywriting & Editing,
  • Collateral Planning & Development,
  • Sales Support Material Creation,
  • Channel Marketing,
  • All Interactive Efforts, including Website, Social & Email Marketing Campaign Planning & Deployment,
  • Advertising (all media),
  • Event Strategies, Planning & Deployment,
  • Lead-generation, Capture, & Nurturing Program Execution,
  • Product Launches & Re-Launches,
  • Marketing/Equity Analyst Relations,
  • Publicity Campaigns & Media Relations,
  • Shareholder & Investor Relations,
  • News Release Strategy, Writing & Distribution,
  • Press/Analysts Tours,
  • Press Conferences,
  • Crisis Communications Planning & Execution,
  • Spokesperson Training, and
  • More.


Contact me at for details on how I might help you meet your specific needs.