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What is a “Fractional” Marketing Executive?

And how can I help you and your business succeed?



A “Fractional” Marketing Executive is one of two things — a marketing executive who serves as


  1. marketing officer, or as
  2. An outsourced marketing executive.


In both cases the work is performed on a part-time basis.


But in the first instance, I become an actual employee of your organization, something that can be beneficial if you need to bolster your management team from a fundraising/positioning perspective (including adding me to your public-facing marketing materials, such as on your Website)In the second instance, however, I serve you and your firm in a consulting role where no one but you and your colleagues know of my engagement.


Depending upon the needs of your firm, I can consult with you and your existing team on a part-time, outsourced basis to provide strategic oversight and direction. Conversely, I can step in as a part-time marketing executive and perform the actual work for company, or direct and oversee the work of others in your behalf. {For example, the truth is I’m not trained as a graphic designer, but I do have a “great eye” design-wise, and I can pull together basic design work as needed. But when it comes to hardcore design work, I turn to one of several trained professionals I trust to get the work done.}


But after more than 30 years as a marketing professional (5+ years as Chief Marketing Officer for two separate venture-backed startups with over $90 million in total funding, as well as over 28 years as a consultant, including 20+ years running PR / Advertising /Marketing agencies I owned), I’ve now seen and/or experienced just about anything you can think of across the entire 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix:


  1. Product,
  2. Price,
  3. Place, and
  4. Promotion.


Most of my career (70—75% of my time) has centered on working as a outsourced consultant with hundreds of organizations across the entire high-tech spectrum, from software to electronic components and from consumer electronics devices (CE) to Web-based, Software-as-a-Service platforms (SaaS). I’ve also spent a fair amount of time (15—20% of my career) working in the general healthcare / life science markets, including serving medical device companies, long-term care providers, drug discovery firms and more.


Beyond these two primary market segments, I’ve also had the privilege of spending 5—10% of my career serving a wide variety of other organizations, including financial institutions, recreational/outdoor companies, sporting goods manufacturers, tradeshow producers, retailers, non-profits, and a number of firms outside of the technology and medical fields. And although I began my career “back home” in the heart of Silicon Valley as well as in the greater Seattle area, for majority of my career I have been based amidst the Silicon Slopes of Utah serving clients throughout North America, as well as in Europe and Asia.


So when it comes to “Fractional” Marketing Executive Services, the focus of The David Politis Company is crafting the ideal puzzle of marketing disciplines to help you drive success in your business. That’s why my focus is on helping you to produce results — to drive action in your markets and increase value for you and your shareholders.


Some of the services I have provided over the years include:


  • Budgeting/Strategy/Forecasting,
  • Competitive/SWOT Analysis,
  • Corporate Positioning,
  • Product/Service Definition,
  • Product/Service Pricing,
  • Product/Service Positioning,
  • Product/Service Messaging,
  • Product/Service Branding,
  • Product/Service Naming / Lexicon Development,
  • Product Documentation & Packaging Development,
  • Marketing Planning & Execution,
  • Copywriting & Editing,
  • Collateral Planning & Development,
  • Sales Support Material Creation,
  • Channel Marketing,
  • All Interactive Efforts, including Website, Social & Email Marketing Campaign Planning & Deployment,
  • Advertising (all media),
  • Event Strategies, Planning & Deployment,
  • Lead-generation, Capture, & Nurturing Program Execution,
  • Product Launches & Re-Launches,
  • Marketing/Equity Analyst Relations,
  • Publicity Campaigns & Media Relations,
  • Shareholder & Investor Relations,
  • News Release Strategy, Writing & Distribution,
  • Press/Analysts Tours,
  • Press Conferences,
  • Crisis Communications Planning & Execution,
  • Spokesperson Training, and
  • A lot, lot More.


So …


  • If your marketing function is broken (and you know it), or
  • If you’re not sure if you’re getting everything you could be getting out of your marketing department,


maybe we should talk.


Ping me at to begin a conversation on your specific challenges, opportunities and needs, and let’s see how we might work together to produce greater results.