The David Politis Company | Prospective Clients Always Ask, “How Well Do You Know Me?”
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Prospective Clients Always Ask, “How Well Do You Know Me?”

19 Jul Prospective Clients Always Ask, “How Well Do You Know Me?”

Anytime someone sees, hears or in some other way experiences a company, organization or individual trying to market something to them, they subconsciously ask

How well do you know me?

And if the answer is “Not very well,” then people tend to shut down and stop paying attention to the messaging efforts targeting them from that organization.

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So my question to you is this, “How well do you know your current clients?”

Do you know

  • Their age?
  • Sex?
  • Education level?
  • Household income?
  • Marital status?
  • Political affiliation (if any)?
  • Where they live?
  • The type of home they live in?
  • Do they own or rent?
  • Credit worthiness?

If you understand the answers to questions like these about your current clients (often called Demographics and/or Psychographics), then chances are you can find similar prospective clients out there just waiting to learn about you and your products/services.

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What do you think? Am I off-base or on point here? Please share your thoughts / comments below.

A marketing and communications expert, David L. Politis recently published his first book  —  66 RULES for Publicity Success: Boost Your Company’s Value for Pennies on the Dollar. David currently helps clients address their crises, publicity and marketing challenges through The David Politis Company.

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